Time & Attendance Management Solution

The innovative, cutting-edge Kelio Time & Attendance solution has been continually developed to manage your workforce efficiently, increase productivity and reduce HR administration.

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What is Time and Attendance Management?

The key points of the Kelio system

      • Estimated and completed results calculation and display in real-time.
      • Work duration management (contractual basis) with presence and absence total monitoring.
      • Control of different time accounts (estimated and completed): overtime hours, special hours, Sundays worked, bonuses, etc.
      • Management of absence balances and leave allowances (PL, seniority, etc.)
      • Rest and break management.
      • Schedule type management: fix, annualised, weekly and cyclic schedules, with or without shift management.
      • Collective planning for schedules, absences, remote working and comments with planned, estimated and actual totals.
      • Type of contract management: part time, full time, temporary workers, etc.
      • Attendance indication and daily rest time declaration.
      • Regular remote working management, to be distributed or occasional with monitoring of hours and days remotely worked.
      • Anomalies sent and monitored by email.
      • Customisable report engine.
      • Full web system: Windows PC or Mac OS operation from your web browser.
      • Native link with Exchange servers.
      • More than 400 export Web services and more than 50 import Web services as standard.
      • Option for customised development of rules/extensions and imports/exports, so as to adapt KELIO PRO to the specific demands of your organisation.
      • Up to 200 VISIO X4 or X7 proximity clocking terminals.


A portal provides access to different software modules.

      • Available on all devices.
      • Fully customisable.
      • With updated indicators.
      • And a to-do list.

Access to the portal is controlled by the user’s login and password. All modules and suggested features depend on individual user rights


KELIO PRO centralizes your employee information in the Configure section. It consists of several tabs for accessing:

      • Professional and personal data.
      • Administrative data (if HR Assistant), providing a history especially for medical appointments, training sessions and appraisals.
      • Contract data providing a contract follow-up of your employees and temporary workers.
      • Time contract data, which resume assignments and configuration so that the Kelio PRO system delivers the rights results for each employee.
      • User rights, in order to assign each employee a rights profile according to his role in the system. User profile creation is very flexible and highly customisable: in view/modification/addition for each software function.

You can add your own customizable fields to the tab you like and set alerts for key deadlines. You are then informed by email of the end of a probation period, your next compulsory medical appointment, your next training or appraisal appointment and so on.

The employee file is also available in the Collaborative space which will enable:

      • Employees to consult and modify some of their administrative or personal data.
      • Managers to view and modify some of the data for the employees in their population.


KELIO PRO centralizes all the regular management features for your employees within the Manage section. This is the entry point used to access clocking/attendance monitoring (including remote working), schedule calendars, planning, absence calendars and calculation functions.

The individual attendance screen can be consulted by week or by a given period. It is fully customisable and enables all the information about your employees' working days to be managed. The results and anomalies detected by the system are highlighted by colours and indicators.

For increased efficiency, a high-performance collective display is used to monitor the attendances and results for a group of employees. It is very practical for mass working day correction and control.

The schedule calendar enables you to plan and adjust the work cycles assigned to your employees. A range of schedule assignments enables you to enter your details with a drag-and-drop. Schedules may be assigned individually and collectively thanks to a powerful grouped entry screen.

This calendar's display may be customised and enables you to view only the exceptions, rest periods and specific cycles and/or schedules for example.

KELIO PRO allows you to manage:
      • Work cycles from 1 to 52 weeks, with or without shift rotation
      • 3,000 different daily schedule templates
      • Automatic schedules to adapt schedules to non-regular working organisations and your teams' shifts.

Schedules may be assigned individually and collectively thanks to a powerful grouped entry screen.

Manage your employees' absenteeism efficiently with individual or collective calendars.

Functional characteristics:
      • Customizable absence calendar with graphic assignment palette
      • Display of week Nos., public holidays and school holidays in the planning
      • Display of rests and half-days of rest
      • Absence/business leave/rest display filter
      • Absence calculation in working days, week days or calendar days
      • Unlimited number of configurable absence types
      • Estimated balance management, viewable directly in the assignment palette
      • Absence entry in days, half-days, periods, duration and repetitive absences
      • Absence file comments management
      • Management of the documentary link associated with the absence files
      • Absence request validation and history since the calendars (with Collaborative space - absence requests option)
Add/Deduct management and account initialization:

KELIO PRO features powerful system account adjustment screens. An authorised administrator may therefore correct or adjust any account. For example:

      • Initialize the absence balances
      • Adjust balance to follow the variable schedules
      • Adjust bonus or special hours values
      • Adjust the working time.
Management of transfer files and rules/extensions:

The transfer files and rules/extensions enable Kelio PRO users to define specific processing. These are highly flexible solutions to adjust the results to the specific features of all collective or company agreements. For example, these tools enable you to:

      • Calculate paid leave allowances
      • Calculate seniority rights
      • Validate overtime to be paid or taken off in lieu
      • Break down the balance of overtime hours
      • Etc.


KELIO PRO centralizes all the functions used to monitor your employees in the Supervise section. This is the entry point to access the anomaly monitoring and the absent/present employee monitoring.

Anomaly processing is further enhanced by a wide range of features:
      • Automatic anomaly detection and processing in real time
      • Customizable search criteria and filters
      • Individual or collective mode management
      • Multi-function correction screen adapted to the anomaly processed
      • Individual or grouped anomaly acknowledgement
      • Alert SMS or email sent to the employee and the line manager to request information about the anomaly being processed
      • Possible history of the anomalies processed
      • Anomaly monitoring sent by email in real time or as a daily report

Absent/present employee monitoring is a very practical function in KELIO PRO that provides a real-time report on the number of employees present or absent, with each employee's situation. This monitoring may also be requested for a specific date and time.

It lets you see immediately:
      • Who is absent, who is present Now, at a precise date/time
      • Who was present over a time period
      • The Present/Absent ratio
      • The reason for the absence, for employees whose absence is approved
      • The working day end time for the employees who are present
      • The scheduled absence return date/time for the employees who are absent.

This monitoring is often used by switchboard operators who need to direct calls to different people within the organisation and who need to know quickly: Who is present? Who is absent? Until when?

KELIO PRO centralises all the results available for your employees in the Analyse section. This is the entry point to access the presence, break, absence, contractual basis difference and absence balance results.

The results may be consulted for every frequency: day, week, payroll period, date to date. The following accounts may be analysed:
      • Attendance time accounts: actual, paid, normal, etc.
      • Accounts for variable schedule management: balances and limitations
      • Early departures and late arrivals in hours and number of times
      • Accounts for daily, weekly or periodic overtime hours, paid and tax-exempt
      • Special hour accounts (night hours, Sunday hours, etc.)
      • Bonus accounts (meal allowance, luncheon vouchers, attendance bonus, remote working days)
      • Absence time totals per type, in days, hours and number
      • Absence balances on a date or estimated
      • Hourly basis difference to monitor the time worked in relation to the contractual working time set for the employee
      • Break time totals
      • Calculation of Bradford Factor for absenteeism

KELIO PRO centralises all the report solutions in the Print/Export section. This is the entry point to access the various standard and configurable reports.

The standard reports
      • Clocking report from date to date, on a date, and modified clockings
      • End-of-period report (optimised for payroll preparation)
      • Worked time, breaks, variable schedule (balance) and overtime reports
      • Totals, balances and absence files reports
      • Individual absence calendar report
      • Anomaly monitoring report
      • Absent/Present employees report
      • Schedules by exception report
      • Changes in personnel report (section changes)
      • Fire report
      • Printing of employees' day planning
The customizable reports module

An unlimited number of spreadsheet-type customizable reports may be created with or without day by day details. All the customizable reports may be used in PDF and Excel formats.

Favourite reports

You can automate your standard or customizable reports either individually or collectively. These reports can be:

      • Sent by email to each employee
      • Published in a directory on the server or on an FTP site
      • Printed directly to a server-connected printer
Various graphic and organizational aspects of the KELIO PRO software can be customized:
      • Colours
      • Business term dictionary
      • Calendar configuration
      • Customizable fields
      • Display filters
      • Internationalization

The KELIO PRO application is multi-user and multi-language. In an international organization, each administrator may use the application in their own language, with adapted display modes such as: the time formats (0-24 or AM-PM), date formats, public holiday and school holiday calendars specific to each country, region and so on.


Collaborative features!


A real link with your employees and managers, the collaborative workspace allows you to decentralize information and actions. Your time & attendance management processes (absence request, attendance declaration, ...) are simplified thanks to a stronger involvement of your employees and a better accountability of your managers.

The collaborative workspace can be customized and adapts to your company, to the rights of the connected user but also to the device used (computer, tablet or smartphone).

The key points:
      • Absence request management with validation workflow that can be customized
      • Management of clockings and clocking declarations with or without validation workflow
      • Management of the presence of executives on a daily or half-day fixed-price basis or by recording attendance time
      • Consultation of individual time & attendance management results
      • Notification centre providing information concerning the progress of absence requests and attendance declarations
      • Intuitive user interface that can be customized
      • Configuration of user rights to adapt the interface to different user profiles
      • Independent or complementary use of clocking terminals


Optimize staff planning management!

Overview of the Kelio planning module

Kelio Planning is an effective solution for organising the work of your employees. Straightforward to use and fully adaptable, Kelio Planning includes all the tools you need to create, adjust and control your work planning.

The key points
      • User-friendly and customisable work area.
      • 100% web planning.
      • Native integration into the Kelio solution.
      • Pre-filled planning thanks to work cycles (weekly schedules, shift schedules, ...)
      • Plan work onto employees schedules, absences, on-call duties, activities (with Kelio Analytics module), remote working, comments
      • Quick and easy planning (planning template, copy-paste, drag-and-drop).
      • Flexible planning scale: day, half-day, hour or even minute.
      • Real-time monitoring of individual or group results (hours worked, bonus hours, bonuses, equity, etc.)
      • Individual or collective planning reports with circulation possible on the collaborative workspaces.


The “resource view” uses the toolbox to assign schedules, absences, activities, remote working, on-call duties and comments directly to your employees. This planning may be carried out by day, half day or by hour depending on the level of detail you choose to display. With this representation you control the impacts of your organisational changes for each employee. You are informed in real time of any changes to your employees' individual and collective totals, any anomalies and whether your company is meeting legislation and regulations. The planning can be consulted over the period of your choice, including dates in the past or future.

With Kelio Planning Advanced, a so-called "view of posts" representation allows you to plan your employees on work posts, activities, ... These two representations are complementary and can be used simultaneously in real time. The number of employees you need to fulfil each of your posts can be assigned by day, half day or by hour. The posts are fully customisable and may correspond to schedules, cost centres, activities, locations, and so on. You can associate conditions of assignment to them according to job titles, skills, ..., which can be prioritised. You can also indicate priority employees to be stationed on a post and, conversely, those employees not authorised on a post, for example on medical grounds.


Each user is able to define the display options and the size and position of the various different areas. Each area is customizable and it is possible to create as many customizations as needed, which allows you to switch between customizations in order to obtain the relevant information.


Details of the data for the selected day for the selected employee


Full day, half-day morning, afternoon, night, hour


Anomalies, tooltips, school holidays, ...


Per area, unlimited, filters


Easily compare actual times to planned times


Schedules, Leaves, On-call, Activities, Remote working, ...