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Overview of the KELIO PRO system

The key points of the KELIO PRO system:

  • Capacity up to 10,000 employees depending on the type of database.
  • Up to 200 VISIO X4 or X7 clocking terminals.
  • Contactless clocking technology.
  • Full web system: Windows PC or Mac OS operation from your web browser.
  • Firebird database integrated without administration.
  • Real-time results calculation and display.
  • Attendance indication.
  • Work duration management (contractual basis) with presence and absence total monitoring.
  • Calculation of overtime hours, special hours, meal allowances, bonuses, etc.
  • Absence balance and leave allowance management.
  • Variable and TOIL schedule management.
  • Management of all types of work cycle: weekly and cyclic schedules, with or without shift management.
  • Individual schedule, absence and activity assignment calendars with individual or collective entry.
  • Anomalies sent and monitored by email.
  • Customisable report engine
  • Interfacing with over 140 payroll software packages (Kelio Paylink option).
  • Scalable solution with optional modules:
    • Employee Self-Service module with Kelio Intranet for management of absence requests, clockings/attendances or attendance declarations by PC, viewing personal results.
    • Planning Advanced module with Kelio Planning Advanced.
    • Annualised Hours module with Kelio Annualised Hours.
    • HR File module with Kelio HR Assistant.
    • Activity module with Kelio Analytics and Kelio Analytics Advanced.
    • Intranet Activity module with Kelio Intranet Analytics.
    • Data Warehouse module with Kelio Data.
    • Reporting module with Kelio Report.
    • Mobile module with Kelio Mobile.
    • Access Control module with Kelio Security.
  • Native link with Active Directory and LDAP directories.
  • Native link with Exchange servers.
  • More than 400 export Web services and more than 50 import Web services as standard

Synopsis of the KELIO PRO system

We consider support as important as our theme development

You have over 400 export Web services and over 50 import Web services as standard to facilitate integration into your information system (IS).

Clocking terminals

Technical properties

Bodet Software has a range of equipment which it both designs and manufactures.

The KELIO PRO system can be equipped with two types of terminal:



Type Connected touchscreen terminal 4.3" Resistive touch display Connected touchscreen terminal 7" Capacitive touch display
(some are optional)
Clocking, break clocking, graphic results consultation
Optional multi-applications:
- Messaging
- Consulting room reservations
Clocking, break clocking, graphic results consultation
Optional multi-applications:
- Visitors Terminal
- Room reservation
- Absence request
- Messaging
- Suggestions box
- Survey
Operation in off-line mode Autonomous, schedules over 5 days Autonomous, schedules over 5 days
General power supply PoE, 12 V 12 V, 230 V, PoE
Backup Lithium battery Lithium battery
Communication mode TCP/IP Ethernet Optional Wi-Fi TCP/IP Ethernet Optional Wi-Fi or GSM
Types of reader - 125 kHz HID,
- 125 kHz STID,
- 13.56 MHz MIFARE,
- Fingerprints
- 125 kHz HID,
- 125 kHz STID,
- 13.56 MHz MIFARE,
- Fingerprints
Time synchronisation By the server By the server
Internal relay Yes (access, bell ringing) Yes (access, bell ringing)
Clockings saved 200,000 200,000
Dry contact inputs No Yes

Features of the terminals

The Kelio Visio X4 and X7 terminals can record changes in personnel clocking in, clocking out, breaks, business leave, delegation, etc.

Information that can be consulted on the terminals:
  • Surname and first name
  • Balance
  • Total of paid or actual hours
  • Last clockings of the day
  • Absence and business leave balances
  • Absence and business leave totals
  • Total overtime hours with account choice
  • Total special hours with account choice
  • Total bonuses with account choice

Kelio PRO options

 Intranet Module: Employee Self-Service

Kelio Employee Self-Service, an extension to KELIO PRO, can be used by employees and managers to manage the processes involved in:

 Clocking/Attendance indication, breaks, business leave, via the Intranet .

 Presence declaration with validation workflow.

 Absence request management with validation workflow.

 Individual or grouped result monitoring.

 See who is absent/present in real time .

 Activity clockings via the Intranet with the Kelio Intranet Analytics option.

 Activity declarations with signature with the Kelio Intranet Analytics option.

The key points of the Kelio Intranet module:

 EFFICIENCY: a straightforward interface for accessing essential information and carrying out simple, structured task actions.

 CUSTOMISABLE:possibility of creating two self-service areas > Employee and Manager.

 Annualised hours Module

 The Annualised hours option is an extension of the KELIO PRO product offering and is used for annualised management of working time.

 You set the annual objective to be achieved and then monitor the amount realised, still to be realised and annualised hours balance for each of your employees.

 Calculations can be viewed as an actual or estimated value in order to give a projection for the year of objectives exceeded or achieved.

 HR Assistant module

The optional Kelio HR Assistant module enables you to enter additional information to your employees' HR files to enhance your administrative and personal human resources management possibilities.

This module provides the following administrative and personal data:

  Personnel classification management (category, job class, wage band, qualification).

  Training management (school education, monitoring/record of training attended by the employee, monitoring of the Individual Training Account balance).

  Career management (appraisal management, professional experience history, career aspirations).

  Personnel identity document management with alert for renewals (identity card, passport, resident permit).

  Occupational health management: specific medical issues, medical appointment management with alert, emergency contact management, GP.

  Employee family information management (situation, children).

  Employee transport information management (commuting distance and time, business vehicle management, date and reminder of MOT tests, personal vehicle, travel pass management)

  Employee bank details management (personal and professional).

Reminders for key scheduled dates may be set up by a configurable alert system. You are then informed by email of the end of a probation period, your next compulsory medical appointment, your next training or appraisal appointment and so on.

This module is also available in the Employee Self-Service which will enable:

  Employees to consult and modify some of their administrative or personal data.

  Managers to view and modify some of the data for the employees in their population.

 Planning Lite module

The optional "Planning Lite" module completes the Kelio Pro offer with a powerful collective personnel management screen. Managers can then view their teams in planning mode, enabling them to read their working organisation quickly and collectively.

The Planning Lite module enables you to:

 Plan work, rest, absence and activity schedules individually or collectively.

 Supervise anomalies collectively.

 Customise and consult individual and collective reports to monitor changes to each presence, absence or activity account.

 Consult the results in actual or forecast values.

 Edit individual or collective planning from date to date.

 Send notification messages by email or SMS to alert your employees instantly to a planning change.

 Standard Planning module

Kelio PRO planning provides operational managers with a powerful work organisation tool enabling them to:

  Plan work, rest, absence and activity schedules individually or collectively.

  Supervise anomalies collectively.

  Customise and consult the individual and collective management indicators to monitor the changes in each presence, absence or activity account.

  Consult the results in completed or estimated value.

  Edit individual or collective planning from date to date.

  Activity declarations with signature with the Kelio Intranet Analytics option.

 So, you can take control over all the key information you need for collective supervision: planned totals, comparison between planned and actual, anomalies and instant monitoring for availability constraints, respect for rest time, working duration, notice periods and other legal provisions.

 This module is simple to use as its screen ergonomics have been designed to facilitate working by day, ½ day and hour to hour so that each user can work to a time frame that meets their needs.

 An hour to hour planning representation enables precise adjustments and quick verification of the presence cover for your working days.

 Planning Advanced Module

 The Planning Advanced option is an enhanced version of the KELIO PRO standard planning module.

 Users have a new screen that is adapted to management by work post. So, you can plan your employees directly by work post. The system will help you by carrying out consistency checks on the skills and work load objectives required in terms of the number of people or hours.

 Planning Advanced also allows improved flexibility in managing your teams by providing functions to replace, lend, share and search for employee availability.

 The ability to send planning changes by email or SMS will allow better day-to-day responsiveness and will help you to become more responsive within your teams.

 Kelio Planning Advanced can also be used to plan on-call duty periods and to measure the time taken on on-call interventions.

 When combined with the Kelio Analytics offer, you will be able to manage both your schedule planning and your activity planning in resource or post view.

 Job Costing management module

The optional Kelio Analytics and Kelio Analytics Advanced modules enable analytical monitoring of the time spent by activity and the cost calculation. The key points are:

 Time and attendance management by section.

 Activity clocking and/or cost centre* management via terminals or barcode scanners.

 Automatic breakdown of hours worked by activity and/or cost centre according to planning.

 Individual activity calendar management.

The key points of the Kelio Analytics module:

  Complete INTEGRATION with Kelio Time & Attendance Management.

  SIMPLE to use.

  SCALABLE to cost centre management thanks to Kelio Analytics Advanced.

  INTEGRATION into planning to plan activities or posts with Planning Advanced.

  Standard and configurable REPORTING to extract analytical reports.

*Several solutions are available to clock, declare or generate activity times:

 Virtual activity clocking from the Employee Self-Service in simplified mode (one key, one activity) or expert mode (type selection).

 Geolocation-based activity clocking via smartphone using Kelio Mobile.

 Activity declaration as a percentage, period or duration using Employee Self-Service.

 Generation of activity time according to either the time planned or the default activity of the service/employee.

 Physical activity clocking. Several methods possible:

  •        Simply swiping a badge to clock in or out on clocking terminals.
  •        Entry via wired or wireless barcode scanner.
  •        Clocking on readers dedicated to activities.
  •        Input using a standalone scanner (standalone portable barcode scanner,downloadable via USB).

Access & Security module

When combined with KELIO PRO, the Kelio Security application enables you to manage and control access to your organisation.

Each employee has an access profile that enables them to move around the controlled areas within the organisation at the dates and times required.

These systems also provide all possible options for monitoring and supervision of changes in personnel, as well as surveillance of your access points (door forced, window left open, etc.) and management of visitors.

The key points of the Security module:

  May be combined with Kelio time and attendance management:

  •         Work schedules = Access authorisation schedules
  •         Absences = access restrictions

  Surveillance alert by email or SMS.

  Fire management, present employees report.

  Alarm activation/deactivation on the first and last clocking authorised.

  The badge may be used as a “key” to modify the security level of an access in real time.

  Visitor management with touch reception terminal.

  Room reservations to secure your equipment and monitor room occupancy in real time.


 Data warehouse module

Kelio Data is a powerful data warehouse that uses your business intelligence tools to develop reports adapted to the various players within your organisation.

With Kelio Data, you can create your own data warehouse which will enable you to extract and record the historical data you require. You can connect Excel® or any other decision-making analysis tools* to this Datamart to make your own statements, reports and management indicators.

* Such as Business objects®, Crystal Report®, Cognos®, Hyperion®, SAS®, Harry software®, etc.

The key points of the warehouse:

 ACCESSIBILITY thanks to storage by functional theme.

 FLEXIBILITY and ACCURACY in data synchronisation.

 COMPATIBILITY: FireBird®, SQL server®, Oracle®.

 INDEPENDENCE from Bodet to produce your own management indicators or data consolidations.

 Payroll interface & Reporting

The "Payroll interface & Reporting " module is composed of two sub-modules: "Kelio Paylink" and "Kelio Report".

Kelio Paylink is a payroll interface module that enables you to extract time management data and export it to a payroll application. The many different items of payroll data and variables calculated by Kelio PRO may be exported: absences, totals, overtime hours, balances, business leave, bonuses and so on.

The key points of Kelio Paylink:


  MULTI-STATION MANAGEMENT: multi-user connections.

  MULTI-PAYROLL: management of several payrolls.

  MULTI-ENTITY: several configurations for the same payroll.

  Payroll FILE TRANSFER by email or FTP: if payroll is outsourced.

  Quick & automatic EXPORT.

The optional Kelio Report module is a vital tool to meet your organisation's HR analysis requirements. The reporting proposed is made up of powerful management indicators with graphics to monitor the results and indicators that affect your decision-making.

For example, the reports you can produce are very useful for preparing your company's balance sheet or for summarising your hours worked.

List of management indicators available:
  •  Personnel administration:

    age pyramid, staff distribution by status and contract type, by gender, by age, by seniority and by nationality.

  •  Changes in personnel:

    number of recruitments by status and by contract type, number of departures by status and by reason for leaving .

  •  Absenteeism:

    global absenteeism rate or absenteeism rate by absence type (illness, paid leave), by gender and by status, change in absenteeism rate, summary of absenteeism totals.

  •  Health and safety commission monitoring:

    severity rate for accidents at work and their frequency.

  •  Summary of time and attendance management results:

    detailed report of annual hours, summary of overtime hours, bonuses, special hours, summary of late arrivals and early departures.

  •  Activity time report:

    task and cost centre summary.

  •  Access control:

    area usage summary, summary by visitor numbers, visit distribution by subject, badge use report.