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MONITORING Group consists of Monitoring for Electronic systems and the Monitoring Contracting Company

Monitoring For Electronic Systems is a leading company in monitoring, control and security systems providing innovate products in low current systems such as Building Management System, Home automation, Solar systems, CCTV systems, Intrusion alarm systems, Access control systems, Sound systems, Fire alarm systems, Lightening solutions, Video phone systems and Automatic gates.

Monitoring Contracting Company is an engineering contractor specialized in designing and installing electrical, mechanical and low-current systems in commercial, industrial, residential and other buildings.

MONITORING Group designs, supplies, installs and maintains solutions for all our system. All of our Engineers are fully qualified to deliver a customized system.

MONITORING Group philosophy is to fulfill customer’s requirements to an optimum satisfaction with respect to functionality, quality and ease of operation.

MONITORING Group is a result of the increased demand of the Jordanian market for the remote services, automation and security solutions for the facility management in the private, commercial and industrial sectors.


- A leading, trusted engineering and contracting service company that provides customized solutions with guaranteed standard of excellence.
- A partner of choice for the development, construction ,design and engineering companies and consultants.


1- Play a dominant role in Control, Security, Energy and Contracting systems and provide our valuable customers with complete solutions utilizing latest technology to satisfy their needs and maintain their loyalty.
2- Provide the best expertise and products one can offer in the Electro-mechanical contracting business under one roof.
3- Create a long-term, sustainable value for our customers.
4- Exceed our delivery commitments.
5- Attract and retain the best talents in the market.
6- Promote a work culture that fosters individual growth, team spirit & creativity while overcoming challenges.
7- Use our engineering expertise to guarantee one of the best designed, safest and most cost efficient systems.
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